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Today is: March 29th, 2017

Pergo Floating Floor Review

When the carpet in the lower level family room of my home began to look worn and dated, I went in search of a hardwood floor system I could install over a cement slab.

After much online research I choose a Pergo floating floor system. Pergo's hardwood floor system looks very natural and is much more durable than real hardwood flooring. Pergo also offers installation kits and transition pieces that give the installation a professional appearance.

Before and After Floating Floor
Before and after floating floor install
Pergo Floating Floor Review

UPDATED 10/2010 - It has been several years since I installed the Pergo laminate floating floor system in my home (pictured below). For the most part I like the floor though their are some issues you should be aware of before installing a floating floor in your home.

Floating Floor Pros
  • Do-it-yourself installation
  • Reasonable cost
  • Improved appearance
  • Less dust, easier to clean
Floating Floor Cons
  • Noises
  • Unique sound and feel

One of the reasons I selected a floating floor was the do-it-yourself installation aspect of the floor. I wouldn't say that installing the floor was easy, but it was a job the average person can complete themselves using a minimal number of tools.

Compared to professionally installed carpet, real hardwood, or other flooring rigidly fastened to the floor, floating laminate floors are less expensive to purchase and install. I chose the Pergo floating laminate floor not only because I was installing over concrete, but also because I wanted the best looking floor for the least amount of money.

Some people are only satisfied with real hardwood floors. I am perfectly happy with the appearance of my laminate hardwood floor. Also, the Pergo flooring is more durable than real hardwood (I wore out 2 saw blades cutting the stuff).

Since replacing the carpet with the Pergo floor there is noticeably less dust in the room. Using a Swifter pad, I can clean the floor in fraction of the time it would take to vacuum. It's also much easier to clean behind and underneath furniture.

A hardwood floor that has been nailed or glued to the subfloor is very rigid, similar to walking on tile or concrete. Walking on a floating floor feels and sounds like you are walking on a large piece of plywood loosely laid on top of a carpet - it doesn't generate feelings of luxury. I can't say I like this aspect of floating floors, but I have gotten used to it and rarely think about it anymore. * The use of large area rugs help.

Flooring Installed


The floating floor I installed isn't perfect, but is still a huge improvement over the carpet it replaced. I do recommend a floating floor if you're installing over a concrete slab, but recommend that you thouroughly research them before you buy. Some flooring stores have sample sections of flooring that you can walk on and view to help you determine whether a floating floor will be the right choice for you.

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